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Inquiry: Courts will not judicially review letters of criticism

Under B.C.’s Health Professions Act, some inquiry committees will issue letters of criticism to resolve complaints (under HPA s. 33(6)(b)) — letters that do not constitute formal disciplinary measures, like reprimands, but nonetheless warn registrants that their conduct is substandard, based…

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Inquiry: Why inquiry committees should provide robust reasons

Inquiry or investigation committees of self-regulating professions may wish to assess the extent they provide robust reasons when dismissing public complaints against registrants. Such an awareness should not be isolated to regulators whose complainants have a statutory right to reviews of…

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June conference updates

We are just around the corner from luxuriating in two days of deep thinking, collegial discussion, and learning about professional regulatory law.  The fact of being able to do so ocean-side under beautiful blue skies is a definite plus. Here…

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