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The constitutionality of mandatory revocation for sexual abuse

In Ontario, a health professional who commits “sexual abuse” in certain specific ways, such as through sexual intercourse, must have his licence to practice revoked, and is not eligible to reapply for five years, under the Health Professions Procedural Code.…

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Specific discipline hearing issues: ungovernable registrants

In September, we began to look at recent discipline committee decisions, to highlight how some panels have grappled with common hearing issues. This month, we continue by looking at decisions (here) published in August 2015 by the College of Optometrists…

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Do “expert” panels need expert witnesses?

Since one or more members of any professional discipline hearing panel are typically members of that profession, one might ask why such an “expert” panel must hear at all from colleagues about professional standards they already know. Since Panelists are…

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