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More on disclosure to complainants during investigations

In a recent posting entitled Conference Questions: What should regulatory bodies disclose to complainants? we attempted to address the delicate balancing act that regulatory bodies face when determining what disclosure to complainants is most prudent. This involves the need to…

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HPRB hearings: oral versus written hearings

The need for an oral hearing before the Health Professions Review Board (the “HPRB”), where requested by an applicant, was recently confirmed by the HPRB in a recent decision: No. 2011-HPA-0009(a). In that matter, an applicant seeking registration with the…

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Costs awards and reasonableness in disciplinary hearings

Regardless of the specific language in a profession’s governing statute or the governing body’s bylaws on costs for discipline hearings, costs need to be reasonable. This concern arises not only from the fact that any conduct by a statutory body…

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