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Settlement privilege applies to reviews before the HPRB

When inquiry committees negotiate consent or undertaking agreements to resolve complaint matters consensually (under Health Professions Act ss. 33(6)(c) and 36(1)), they may exchange “without prejudice” letters with registrants to discuss terms. In 2009, the Review Board seemingly eliminated “settlement…

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Happy summer: Notable regulatory cases since March

As this spring (and now the summer) has been extremely busy, we weren’t able to keep up with our monthly blog schedule. To make that up, we’ve reviewed cases since March, and here are our notable picks. 1. Injunctions against…

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Moral or religious objections and professional obligations

The standards of health care colleges may provide that professionals who refuse to provide specific kinds of care based on moral or religious grounds “must” provide patients with effective referrals to other health-care providers. Such standards may be in the…

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