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HPRB Month Part Three: Reasonableness of Decisions

The Health Professions Review Board (HPRB) has confirmed reviews of inquiry dispositions are on a standard of reasonableness. (For our summary of HPRB Decision No. 2009-HPA-0001-0004, click here.) But what does the test in Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick (2008 SCC 9)…

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Can professional regulators enforce cost awards in court?

If a registrant ends up owing his or her regulatory body fines or costs, that body can likely “enforce” payment by withholding certification or registration renewal, or by taking similar measures. But can a regulatory body sue to enforce payment…

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HPRB Month Two: A commentary on the HPRB mediation process

Heather MacKay, Registrar of the College of Dental Surgeons of BC, is scheduled to give a talk at a forthcoming CLE conference on April 1, 2011 about mediation at the Health Professions Review Board. This got us thinking about some…

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