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Discipline Committees that find misconduct outside of citations

Discipline committees that decide a respondent has engaged in professional misconduct not listed in any formal allegations, e.g., in a citation, may fail to afford the respondent procedural fairness, which includes a right to know the case which he or…

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Letters of caution issued by screening committees

Investigation and screening committees may sometimes find, after an investigation, that a respondent’s conduct, while not necessarily satisfactory, does not justify formal discipline measures. For example, conduct may be non-serious, and may best be addressed by educational or voluntary measures…

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Suspensions: Being a registrant means practicing as a registrant

A regulatory body may suspend a registrant, only to have that registrant attempt to carry on some aspect of “practice” that non-registrants may carry out, purportedly as a non-registrant. May a regulatory body prevent suspended registrants from carrying out activities…

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