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Flying with Pie (e la torta altro)

Dan Fetterly and Sandra Foweraker, lawyers extraordinaire recently landed at Suite 210-900 Howe Street.¬† They form their new law firm, Foweraker and Fetterly, Litigation Counsel, which offers general civil and ¬†commercial litigation services with a focus on aviation, complex commercial,…

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Tutti Frutti

Having written about our vote on the best rhubarb and fruit pie filling, we now turn our taste buds to our vote for the best pure fruit pie filling.¬† Despite having separated out rhubarb from the pure fruit category, further…

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Fruitful Endeavours

Last week we blogged on our favourite pie crust. This week and next week, we blog on our favourite fruit pie filling. Two weeks on pie filling? Goodness gracious, why? WHY? Our firm’s first debate on fillings dawned after our…

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Flaky or Crispy?

Deciding who makes the best pie in Vancouver has resulted in long philosophical and sometimes colourful discussions in our firm on what criterion applies, the weight to be applied to each criteria, how pie tasting is to be administered, and…

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Gung hai fat choi!

With February 3, 2011 marking the first day of the lunar calendar, we have now entered the year of the rabbit. My basic understanding of rabbits is that this should bode well for our love life aspirations for the year.…

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