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2018 regulatory round-up

In 2018, courts addressed the boundaries of professional regulatory bodies to act in the public interest. First, courts examined limits on the powers of regulatory bodies, involving both registrants and non-registrants, relating to fundamental freedoms of religion and speech. Second, courts…

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2018 Fall Compendium

The fall was way too busy for us to keep up with our blog, so here is a fall compendium to make up for it. 1. An investigation committee may issue “letters of guidance” (Manitoba): The investigation committee of a…

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We recently attended CNAR 2018 which included a session on the implications of the #MeToo  movement for professional regulators. The room was packed with attendees with some people having to stand.  The session began with the presenters asking how many…

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Happy summer: Notable regulatory cases since March

As this spring (and now the summer) has been extremely busy, we weren’t able to keep up with our monthly blog schedule. To make that up, we’ve reviewed cases since March, and here are our notable picks. 1. Injunctions against…

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