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Privacy and FIPPA: procedural fairness issues

As we have previously mentioned, we received numerous questions from participants during the Q&A period of our June 7, 2012 Webinar on Privacy and Confidentiality, co-hosted by Lisa Fong and Angela Westmacott. We continue to address these questions through our blog. If…

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Available for Viewing: Our Webinars on Privacy and Confidentiality

On June 7th, 2012, 110 people from twenty professional regulatory organizations in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, and the Yukon logged into our 2012 Professional Regulation Webinar on Privacy and Confidentiality, presented by Ng Ariss Fong (Vancouver) and Lovett & Westmacott (Victoria).…

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Privacy and FIPPA: Sharing Information Between Regulators

On June 7, 2012, Lisa Fong of Ng Ariss Fong co-presented a Webinar on Privacy and Confidentiality with Angela Westmacott of Victoria-based law firm Lovett Westmacott. During the question-and-answer period, Lisa and Angie received numerous written questions from participants, only…

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FOI and the Serial and Repetitive Requester

One challenge experienced by public bodies with FOIPPA requests is the person who, over a short period of time, makes a large number of serial requests, many of a repetitive nature, with the cumulative effect of the requests involving a…

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