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News and Events: 2013 Professional Regulation Conference

On November 15, 2013, 103 attendees from 23 professional regulatory organizations across Canada attended the Professional Regulation Conference.  Thank you to all attendees for making the conference a success. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2015!

Investigative scope and HPRB deference

In the first significant judicial review of a decision of the BC Health Professions Review Board (the “HPRB”), the BC Supreme Court found that a registrar investigating a complaint and exercising a summary dismissal power under s. 32(3) of the…

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Proof of professional standards

Where professional misconduct is at issue, a hearing panel may need to determine the applicable standards of practice of the profession. Often, the standards are expressly set out in a regulator’s bylaws, standards or code of ethics. Where, however, a…

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Adequacy of reasons and credibility

Where a hearing panel assesses the credibility of an applicant’s account of events, the panel may not need to set out a detailed credibility analysis if it demonstrates that it grappled with the substance of the credibility issue. This principle…

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Adequacy of reasons and conflicting evidence

Disciplinary hearing panels often face conflicts in the evidence before them, such as where a registrant denies the conduct that a complainant says occurred. The case law demonstrates that a hearing panel need not address every conflict in the evidence.…

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