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2017 regulatory round-up

In June, Lisa C. Fong and Angie Westmacott, Q.C., co-chaired a CLE session on self-regulating professions, where they, as well as Rebecca Durcan and Katrina Haymond, identified a number of ongoing, general trends in professional regulation: public skepticism about self-regulation;…

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Inquiry: Courts will not judicially review letters of criticism

Under B.C.’s Health Professions Act, some inquiry committees will issue letters of criticism to resolve complaints (under HPA s. 33(6)(b)) — letters that do not constitute formal disciplinary measures, like reprimands, but nonetheless warn registrants that their conduct is substandard, based…

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Inquiry: Why inquiry committees should provide robust reasons

Inquiry or investigation committees of self-regulating professions may wish to assess the extent they provide robust reasons when dismissing public complaints against registrants. Such an awareness should not be isolated to regulators whose complainants have a statutory right to reviews of…

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