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Registration: Difficult issues relating to good character

Regulatory bodies typically require that applicants for registration have “good character” as an element of their fitness to practice. An applicant bears the overall burden of proving he or she meets all registration requirements. Various law society cases establish, however,…

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Registration: Fitness and Human Rights

In setting and enforcing standards of fitness, professional regulators must reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities, including mental disabilities. Additional requirements for persons with such disabilities may, of course, be justifiable if reasonably necessary for the regulator to fulfil its mandate.…

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Fit to be a professional: What is good character and fitness?

One essential purpose of regulatory bodies is to ensure professionals are fit to practice their professions. Broadly defined, fitness to practice (or simply “fitness”) encompasses several constituent qualities, including education and training, mental and physical capacity, and “good character”. These…

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HPRB and Registration: Standard of Review and Adequacy of Reasons

The Health Professions Review Board has confirmed the standard of review for registration decisions is reasonableness, but subject to adequacy of reasons. Accordingly, the Review Board remitted examination results involving different assessments by three examiners back to a Registration Committee…

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