Anne Muter

B.Sc. (UBC), LL.M. (UVic), M.Sc. (Oxford)

“Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” ― Bruce Lee

Water is a problem solver. It finds its way through, around or over things while always remaining agile. Sometimes it floods and sometimes it slowly erodes impediments. Anne is a problem solver too. She likes to look at an issue from many angles, think creatively and generate solutions that meet the specific needs of her client. Her litigation practice is varied, to keep that creativity flowing, but builds on a solid foundation of experience representing clients in court and through alternate dispute resolution mechanisms.

Anne approaches her work in environmental, Aboriginal and professional regulatory  law with intensity and drive. She sees every new file as an opportunity to learn: about the client, about the law and about how to move the law forward. At Ng Ariss Fong, Anne represents health regulators in administrative processes and judicial reviews. She also works for indigenous clients pursuing their rights, title and interests through a variety of litigation approaches. She is particularly interested in marine and fresh water legal issues. The decisions we make about water management require braiding together many perspectives in order to address the legal, scientific and social dimensions.

Anne has a multidisciplinary educational background. It’s a good week if she gets to use her sciences undergrad, her law degree and master’s experience conducting research as part of her practice. She has particular litigation experience in the areas of professional negligence, commercial disputes, estates and trusts, and employment law.

When Anne isn’t at the office, she is teaching her two young sons to swim, drinking coffee, and … thinking about work.