2013 Professional Regulation Webinar: Human Rights and the Charter

On January 16, 2013, Lisa Fong and Benjamin Ralston of Ng Ariss Fong, and Angela Westmacott of Lovett & Westmacott, co-presented a 2-hour webinar on professional regulation and its interface with human rights and the Charter.

Human rights tribunals across the country have decided on a variety of challenges to registration processes, registration decisions, investigations, and disciplinary decisions. Courts, including a number of appellate courts, have reviewed human rights tribunal decisions, and spoken to the obligation of professional regulatory hearing panels to address alleged discrimination, unless such issues are expressly excluded from their scope by enabling legislation. Also, the Supreme Court of Canada has given guidance on a modified “Oakes” test that professional regulatory hearing panels must use when deliberating on challenges based on Charter rights and freedoms.

The Human rights Webinar focused on the junctures at which regulatory processes may engage human rights and Charter issues; options on how to deal with these issues when they arise, and using the developing case law to examine ways in which to deal (or not deal) with these issues.

This webinar had 130 attendees representing over 34 different professional regulatory bodies in Western Canada and Ontario.

The agenda for this webinar is available here.

2012 Professional Regulation Webinar: Privacy and Confidentiality

On June 7, 2012, Lisa C. Fong of Ng Ariss Fong and Angela Westmacott of Lovett & Westmacott co-presented this two hour webinar on privacy and confidentiality in professional regulation.

The Privacy Webinar provided an overview of the law of privacy and confidentiality as it pertains to the functions of professional regulators in Western Canada including freedom of information, the protection of personal information, and duties of confidentiality. The presentation also included a practical discussion of common confidentiality and privacy scenarios encountered by professional regulatory bodies with respect to information produced, collected or used during the registration, inquiry and discipline processes.

The Privacy Webinar had over 100 attendees from 20 professional regulatory bodies in Western Canada.

Additionally, we provided a 30-minute Mini-Webinar presented by Benjamin Ralston addressing inter-jurisdictional information-sharing under personal information protection legislation in Western Canada, and how to deal with vexatious or serial requesters under freedom of information legislation.

The agenda for this webinar is available here.