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The duty to self-report potential liability

All professionals are required to exercise discretion and professional judgment in their practice. These activities inevitably lead to a potential for liability. Many regulatory bodies for self-regulating professions impose a duty on members to self-report mistakes or other facts giving…

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There Can Only be One: The Cocoa Cup Final

Previously in the 2011 NAF Cocoa Cup… After completing our preliminary rounds, with thirteen competitors sampled, and nine eliminated, we have narrowed the field down to our four remaining finalists. They are: Hagensborg “Truffle Pig” (Chocolate Orange Truffle Bar) Salt…

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Human rights and professionals with addictions

Professional regulatory bodies in British Columbia should expect to be occupational associations under the Human Rights Code that must not discriminate against members. The need for such regulators to comply with human rights requirements extends not only to registration or…

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