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HPRB Summaries: Exclusion of information from the record

Examples of when the Health Professions Review Board will or will not receive evidence in confidence to the exclusion of a party may be seen in Complainant v. The College of Dental Surgeons of BC, HPRB Decision No. 2009-HPA-0090(a), a…

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Adequacy of discipline reasons

A discipline committee which finds professional misconduct must, in its reasons, “make clear the analysis and the findings that underpin its conclusion that the member has committed professional misconduct.”  Accordingly, a discipline committee finding misconduct for a “lack of clarity”…

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Fitness: Deemed findings of a lack of “good character”

The precise meaning of a “good character” requirement for registration in a College will always be elusive, but the scope of such a concept may be simplified in a given case if certain conditions are established as definitive markers for…

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