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Armchair Athlete Series – A cure for pre-holiday congestion

Lest the title mislead you, this is not an entry about shopping. If you are seeking a remedy for desperately crowded malls and the no-holds-barred attitude during the December shopping season, perennially putting to rest any myths you may have…

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HPRB – Requirements for showing an incomplete investigation

Where an applicant to the Health Professions Review Board alleges an investigation into his complaint was incomplete, the applicant must specify what particular matters he says were not explored, and show they were not, in fact, explored by the Inquiry…

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Limiting access to “the record” of HPRB complainant-applicants

Complainants under the Health Professions Act are not parties at the inquiry committee stage, but acquire party status upon seeking a review before the Health Professions Review Board. A complainant may not, however, be the patient receiving the services subject…

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