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Discipline: Adequacy of reasons, credibility, and Cleo the cat

A hearing panel may make an unreasonable decision if it fails to enumerate the evidence supporting its conclusion, especially in cases where events involve deciding between he-said and she-said accounts on the basis of credibility. This is illustrated where a…

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Upcoming Events: CLE on Self-Governing Professions

APRIL 1, 2011: The agenda of the BC CLE course on Self-Governing Professions includes presentations on registration and mobility, a report card on the BC Health Professions Review Board, regulating the regulator, and the future of self-regulating professions.  Lisa C.…

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HPRB Month Part Four: Exclusion of evidence

The Review Board has been in place for just over two years, but is still in its “early days” of developing approaches to hearing issues.  In Part 4 of HPRB month, we look at the Review Board’s decisions on excluding…

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