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2013 professional regulatory round-up

Here are some key Canadian cases and trends from 2013  relating to professional regulation. 1. Adequacy of reasons: In 2013, courts continued to look at how decision-makers must show in their written reasons that they remain impartial, and have grappled…

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BC HPRB: When the HPRB may award costs against a complainant

When the Inquiry Committee of a college under BC’s Health Professions Act (the “Act”) disposes of a complaint without a citation, the complainant may apply for review by the Health Professions Review Board (the “HPRB”). When will the HPRB award…

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Investigative scope and HPRB deference

In the first significant judicial review of a decision of the BC Health Professions Review Board (the “HPRB”), the BC Supreme Court found that a registrar investigating a complaint and exercising a summary dismissal power under s. 32(3) of the…

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