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Crunchy Taco, Roaming Dragon

As we prepare for the playoff round of our Cocoa Cup competition, we take this opportunity to look back at the summer’s highlights in the realm of street eats in downtown Vancouver. While some food trucks soldier on bravely through…

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Nature v. Nurture: Round Four of the NAF Cocoa Cup

After a brief dalliance with a variety of flavoured milk chocolates, our panel decided to drop the sugar content with a return to the realm of dark chocolate. With three candidates to choose from, our panel selected a champion by…

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Mucho mocha and matcha: Round Three of the NAF Cocoa Cup

Round 3 of the NAF Cocoa Cup proved to be something of a wildcard match-up. To begin with, this week’s lineup featured four competitors, instead of the usual three. In addition, each of the entries for this week were distinguished…

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