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BC HPRB: Labour mobility, reciprocal registration and US licensees

The Health Professions Review Board (HPRB) addressed the ability of an applicant to obtain “reciprocal” registration with a health college in British Columbia, based on his former unregulated practice in another Canadian jurisdiction, and his current licensed practice in a…

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2011 Professional Regulatory Round-up

Looking back, the professional regulatory cases in 2011 reveal some major themes: applicant character and fitness; regulatory processes and human rights; impartiality of adjudicators and regulatory staff; and decision-making, including adequacy of reasons. The cases in these areas remained relatively…

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Regulator Watch: The new Teachers Act

The new Teachers Act that will dissolve the BC College of Teachers and replace it with the BC Teachers’ Council has now received Royal Assent. The majority of the new Act will not come into effect, however, until the Lieutenant…

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