We are committed to providing pragmatic advice, finding creative solutions, negotiating advantageous settlements, and where litigation cannot or should not be avoided, assertively representing clients’ interests.

Our services extend to many areas of civil litigation, including the following:

  • Commercial Tenancies and Leases
    Commercial tenancies are defined by commercial leases, which are often complex and nuanced. We act for both commercial landlords and tenants to interpret and enforce their lease rights.
  • Corporate Disputes
    Shareholder and partnership disputes can involve highly contentious oppression actions or wind-ups, breaches of duties, bad faith, and the tracing of wrongful profits. We have acted for shareholders and partners in litigating and negotiating these difficult disputes.
  • Defamation
    Defamation law has substantially expanded with the increasing popularity of social internet networking, personal websites, and blogging. Our services extend to acting for plaintiffs and defendants. We have a special interest in defamation cases involving professionals, boards, and committees.
  • Employment Law
    We work with both employees and employers in negotiating and litigating dismissals. See also our related services in litigating human rights matters.
  • Negligence
    Negligence law defines when one person owes another a duty to act with care, and this area of law includes carrying out one’s duties with skill and prudence. We have a particular interest in professional negligence, negligence by the Crown, and abuse of office.
  • Fiduciary Duties
    Special legal rules apply to trusted advisers and caretakers, including duties of loyalty. The law imposes “fiduciary” duties on people occupying positions of trust, including directors, partners, agents, brokers, legal and financial advisers, and many others. We wrote Fiduciary Duties in Canada to guide other lawyers in this area.

For information on the firm’s litigation services, contact Lisa C. Fong.