Our Values


We value creative and flexible problem-solving, and providing our clients with careful, strategic, and practical legal advice.

Integrity and hard work

We value skill, integrity, and hard work as foundations for how we help clients navigate difficult legal and policy issues.

Furthering the mission

We believe in lasting, long-term relationships that allow us to address individual matters in ways that move our clients towards their long-term goals.

Our Story

Michael, Lisa and Rachel view good law as critical to a just society. They have built the firm to focus on building and maintaining good law. This has sometimes called for reforming unjust laws, filling in the unoccupied legal ground, and finding creative ways to modernize the law to fit today’s challenges. In all the work the firm does, every lawyer strives to build and maintain good law to contribute to a just society.

living room with aboriginal art in Ng Ariss Fong Law Firm