Aboriginal, Environmental and Energy Law

We are honoured to assist Indigenous governments with their legal representation and governance needs. Our work with Indigenous governments extends to litigation, strategic advice, law reform, and negotiating with other governments and third parties.

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Professional Regulation

Our firm has broad experience in regulatory matters. We have worked with regulators, investigators, and committees, including registration and discipline hearing panels, and quality assurance panels. We provide governance advice to boards and committees and represent regulatory bodies in judicial reviews, board reviews and appeals. We have worked in many professions, including legal, education, health, finance, and environmental.

Administrative Litigation

We represent parties before a range of tribunals, before various levels of court in judicial review applications and appeals, and during public commissions.

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Civil Litigation

We represent parties during civil litigation before various courts, including the Supreme Court of BC, the BC Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

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