December 2, 2010

Armchair Athlete Series – Easy and healthy food to keep around

Life Overtaking Law

‘Hunt-and-peck’ is a term typically used to lament one’s inadequacies at the keyboard. But for many among the office-bound labour force it just as aptly describes our approach to the staff kitchen. Whether we like to admit it or not, small, compulsive snack breaks punctuate the work day for a lot of us. This habit can potentially thwart the most well-intentioned workout regime or diet. That said, there is no reason why habitual snacking needs to be self-destructive. A steady supply of fuel for our bodies and minds is a good thing, so long as we are leaving only the right kinds of foods within arms reach.

Personally, I find that having the time to prepare snacks at home to bring to work is a luxury when work gets busy.   So I keep a stock of healthy snacks in the kitchen at the office to curb my hunger (and eventual craving to eat a whole fruit pie in lieu of dinner!).  Here are some of my favourites:

  • Maisie Jane’s Organic Tamari Almonds snack packs are only 200 calories and easy to stash anywhere given their small size;
  • A loaf of whole grain bread containing at least 4 grams of dietary fibre;
  • Justin’s Organic Cinnamon Peanut Butter squeeze packs.  Justin’s squeeze packs also come in plain peanut butter and almond butter;
  • Yoghurt cup and cubed cucumbers is a refreshing combination in the summer months;
  • Happy Planet soup packs offer a fresh alternative to canned or boxed soups;
  • 100 gram salmon or tuna packs and tins;
  • Fruit and vegetables.  With grocery stores now located close to office buildings, it’s easy to bring in some fresh fruit and vegetables along with the rest of your office’s weekly order.

Any suggestions from readers of their own guilt-free office fridge staples are welcome.

CAVEAT: Though this may be disputed by some, we view pie as one of the major food groups, and stock it regularly amongst our easy and healthy foods.