September 4, 2012

Available for Viewing: Our Webinars on Privacy and Confidentiality

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On June 7th, 2012, 110 people from twenty professional regulatory organizations in B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, and the Yukon logged into our 2012 Professional Regulation Webinar on Privacy and Confidentiality, presented by Ng Ariss Fong (Vancouver) and Lovett & Westmacott (Victoria).

Both the Webinar (and the associated paper) and a Mini-Webinar () are now available for pay-per-view purchase on the resource page of our website starting here. A preview of the introduction section of each webinar is available for viewing without cost. The Mini-Webinar will be made available to attendees of the June 7th Webinar without cost.

Lisa and Angie are planning the next webinar offering for the fall/winter, and reviewing the possibility of a full-day live conference for the spring of 2012. For the fall/winter webinar, we are currently planning to address professional regulators and human rights. If you have issues you would like addressed at the fall/winter webinar, or at a live conference in 2013, please email Lisa Fong at