June 3, 2021

CLE’S SELF-GOVERNING PROFESSIONS – Angela Westmacott, Q.C. and Alandra Harlingten on the challenge of human rights issues faced by professional regulators

Administrative Law
Human Rights
Professional Regulation
Regulator Liability

Regulatory authorities must ensure that their registrants and members are competent and fit to practice, and adhere to proper standards of conduct. However, human rights are quasi-constitutional requirements that add a complex and often challenging dimension to the work of regulators. Where competency or fitness issues arise from protected grounds, such as mental health or addiction to alcohol or drugs, regulators must strike an appropriate balance between acting in the public interest, and ensuring that they do not impose unjustifiably discriminate against registrants or members on prohibited grounds. Angie and Alandra will talk about human rights developments, the difficulties of regulators showing their actions are bona fide and reasonably justified, and that regulators may not require an absolute assurance of fitness.

Angie is a partner at Lovett Westmacott in Victoria, and Alandra is an associate at the same firm. Angie and Alandra are both huge animal lovers and fabulous bakers. Lisa is forever hoping that they will use their talents to produce a pie for her.

Come join us! The agenda and registration for the course is available here: Self-Governing Professions 2021 (CLE)