April 23, 2012

Events: June 7, 2012 Professional Regulation Webinar on Privacy and Confidentiality [updated 2012-05-27]

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Lovett & Westmacott and Ng Ariss Fong will be holding a two-hour webinar on privacy and confidentiality in professional regulation. The webinar will occur June 7, 2012 from 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. (Pacific Time). Join us from your own office for a practical walk-through of common confidentiality and privacy issues relating to documents and information created or received during registration, inquiry, and discipline processes.

You can find the Agenda for the webinar here, as well as the Registration Form here. See these forms for more on discussion topics and pricing.

UPDATE: Registration ends on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. (as our broadcast provider needs all attendees identified 48 hours in advance).

UPDATE (2012-05-02): For BC lawyers who are attending, the Law Society of BC has approved 2.0 CPD (continuing professional development) credits for this webinar.

UPDATE (2012-05-27): We are pleased to announce over 90 people registered thus far to view our webinar. As attendees include regulators from Alberta, Manitoba, and the Yukon, the privacy legislation and key cases from these jurisdictions will be addressed in our materials, and form part of the presentation. Some attendees have emailed us with questions or issues they would like addressed during the webinar or in the materials. We have also been advised by some attendees that a bit more time is required in order to canvass for questions from staff and attendees. To accommodate, our materials will be slightly delayed for delivery to attendees. Attendees will receive log-on ID’s and materials via email on Tuesday, June 5 ( instead of May 31). So, if you have questions or issues you would like us to consider, please email them to Lisa at  lisa@ngariss.com as soon you can.