May 20, 2013

Four dogs, four cats, and access to one hamster

News and Events

There have been a few changes at Ng, Ariss, Fong. We sadly bid farewell to Benjamin Ralston who moved to the beautiful Dunedin, New Zealand to pursue other interests (not involving hobbits). We welcome Julia Hincks as our new articled student, and Kevin Quong and Kate Parisotto as our current legal research assistants. We are also happy to have Tracy Wachmann back in the office on a part-time basis.

The changes however have created a shift in our office where previously the four-legged friend of choice was the fine feline. We now have a tie between the number of cats and dogs “owned” by members of the firm. It is uncertain how this new balance will affect our lives at the firm. Does this mean secret Santa this year will include chew bone toys? Can Maia (Julia’s dog) visit at the same time as Wolfy McDolfy (Mike’s cat)? And will our twice-yearly office babysitting of Hameister the 2nd  (Lisa’s nephew’s hamster) become even more risky? We look forward to the adventures with our new team.