November 5, 2010

Most sought after pies of Vancouver

Life Overtaking Law

A recent debate has arisen between a member of our firm and a regulator friend of the firm with a hard-earned reputation as a dessert aficionado: where are the best pies of Vancouver to be found?

Our firm favourite would be Aphrodite’s Café on 4th and Alma, with its fresh organic fruit and its quirky yet casual ambience. Savary Island Pie Company also has a respectable offering of fresh from the oven delicacies, including their treasured buttermilk and blueberry pie, well worth the commute to West Van. Finally, the sour cherry tarts of Tartine in Yaletown are worth an honourable mention, even if they may not qualify as pies per se. Our pastry-loving colleague has his own loyalties to Baguette & Co. at Broadway and Blenheim, particularly for their delectable pain au chocolat with almonds. How their lemon tarts stand up against the competition and whether or not they qualify as pies is still an open issue for discussion.