January 14, 2014

News and Events: Mark your calendar! April 4, 2014

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April 4 (live in Vancouver and by webinar): Lisa C. Fong and Angela Westmacott, QC are chairing the CLE BC Self Governing Professions course. The session presenters and topics are,

  • Jean P. Whittow, QC and Henry C. Wood, QC: Admission to Practice (fitness and character)
  • Jason Herbert and Tamara Hunter: Confidentiality and Disclosure in Investigations and Discipline
  • Angela R. Westmacott, QC and Lara H. Zee: Bias and Conflicts of Interests
  • James T. Casey, QC: Recent Trends in Professional Regulation
  • Eric Wredenhagen: Pre-hearing Suspensions and Other Extraordinary Remedies
  • Nitya Iyer: Adequacy of Reasons
  • Lisa C. Fong and Natasha Dookie: Year 2013 in Review: Key Professional Regulation Issues and Cases
  • Mr. Justice Harvey M. Groberman: Keeping an Eye Out for Appeal or Review

You may find the agenda and registration information on the CLEBC website here.