February 22, 2012

News and Events: Professional Regulation Webinar – pick your topic!

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JUNE 7th: To tide our readers over until the fall breakfast series, Ng Ariss Fong and Lovett & Westmacott will be holding a 2 hour webinar on June 7th from 8:30-10:30 (PST).  Given readership comments since our conference last year, we have narrowed the webinar to three potential topics:

  1. Registration and mobility (including fitness and the issue of transfer between registration categories)
  2. Human rights and regulators
  3. Privacy in registration, inquiry and disciplinary processes

Help us choose the topic for the webinar by emailing us your top pick at general@ngariss.com. The agenda and registration will be available on this blog as soon as the topic is selected. The password for access and the course materials will follow registration.