November 6, 2018

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct: Upcoming changes to professional regulation in Alberta

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Apropos to our recent newsletter on #MeToo, Katrina Haymond and James Casey, Q.C. shared with us their article on Bill 21 – An Act to Protect Patients, which will amend Alberta’s Health Professions Actrespecting sexual abuse by health professionals.

Bill 21 has passed first and second reading.

Bill 21 follows on the heels of Ontario’s Bill 87 – The Protecting Patients Act, 2017, which amended the Regulated Health Professions Act to implement additional measures relating to sexual abuse.

For a summary of the history of Bill 21 and its features, see the article on Bill 21 on Field Law’s website here.

A link to Bill 21 and its current status is here.

Alberta’s announcement page for Bill 21 is here.

Lisa C. Fong and Michael Ng